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Badderloch Woad Inc

The Future of Cochineal Cultivation


What is Cultured Bugs™

Cultured Bugs™ is a process of cultivating cochineal insects. This process, currently protected by 6 patents with more pending, is a biochemical innovation that was long considered impossible. Cultured Bugs™ results in the production of carminic acid that is chemically identical to traditional production methods while eliminating the cactus, and its associated issues, altogether. Better yet, the process is all-natural and non-GMO. Cultured Bugs™ is the future of cochineal and with that, the future of the color red.




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Traditional Cochineal vs Cultured Bugs™








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We are currently seeking the outright purchase of our patents and IP or the exclusive licensing of said IP. Purchases come with support from our team and a pathway from purchase to full scale production which can occur within 18 months.

For more information about BWI and our Cultured Bugs™ technology please contact us. Please note that because of the nature of our IP we cannot discuss the process or purchase terms in depth without a signed NDA from you and the company you represent.

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